Our Services:
Our highly technical data-driven solutions are customised to enable variable tailored output specific to each recipient.

No one understands your data and customer better than you. Our expert team of data analysts and programmers work with you to help you control a targeted communications process ensuring the message to each customer incorporates your knowledge of that customer.

Whether it’s a one-off campaign or ongoing CRM (customer relationship management) communications, our team will help you create customised innovative and automated systems and software to ensure your direct marketing and communications is accurate and has the impact and effect to give you the results that are essential to your business.

Our team can help facilitate a custom application development as a fit-for-purpose solution designed to meet your specific business needs. That includes data exchange solutions to ensure the headache of disparate systems is solved by defining a common approach to structuring data.

Effective systems integration is vital to breaking down inefficient business methods, streamlining business processes and enabling new technology to work in a traditional technology environment.

Many businesses have processes that are not efficient. Sometimes these processes have been there for years because they are too hard to resolve or have just been given a low priority. When it comes to processes around data collection and management that feed into direct marketing and customer communications, our team of system analysts help you look at the efficiency of an overall process and work to automate and integrate those systems into a more efficient model.

Streamlining those systems cuts through paper based or multi-step processes and gives your customer a richer and more rewarding interface to your business.

To get a better feel for the work we do around our data services and online solutions, take a minute to have a look at some of our work.